View Aardvark Eating Termites Background

View Aardvark Eating Termites Background. Aardvarks find a termite or ant nest by walking along,swinging its head from side to side. They are high in protein.

Aardvark Zooborns
Aardvark Zooborns from

Here are 10 essential aardvark facts everyone should know. A single aardvark can eat 50,000 ants or termites in a single night! Their name comes from south aardvarks are nocturnal.

Anteaters and aardvarks are similar looking animals that are actually different species.

20 years of pestcontrol exp. .termites (formivore);4 the only fruit eaten by aardvarks is the aardvark cucumber.19 in fact aside from digging out ants and termites, the aardvark also excavates burrows in which to live; The aardvark has a body like a pig, ears like a rabbit, and it licks up ants like an anteater. What exactly is an aardvark and why the strange name?

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