Get Termite Drill Holes Images

Get Termite Drill Holes Images. This is why you should take measures to eradicate them. Injecting the latest termite proofing chemical which has fipronil in it, into these holes to eliminate underground.

Termite Barrier Termite Barrier Plugs
Termite Barrier Termite Barrier Plugs from

Is it best to always rough the hole with a smaller drill first? My home has 3/8 (approx.) holes every 12 apart and 3 above the ground similar to this: One station will be positioned every 10ft to 15ft in narrow holes which are drilled using a specialized equipment.

The barrier when the termiticide is put in the ground can be broken by such things as digging and planting around the foundation and the company drills holes all around the house and put in gallons of termiticide like termidor or promise.

Termites are relentless pests and, if left untreated, termites can cause severe he or she will also check for exit holes and dropped wings on door frames and window sills. Also remember to drill areas in which termites are strongly activated around your house. Simply, drill small holes at the places infested by the termites and inject the orange oil into the hole. Termite control step 1 :

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