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Get Swarmers Termites
. Basically they exist for reproductive functions. These termites are only capable of spreading the colony and can not cause any.

Termite Identification Rentokil Pest Control Thailand
Termite Identification Rentokil Pest Control Thailand from

Subterranean termites are a subclass of termites that live for long periods of times. Termite colonies release swarmers or winged reproductives. 208 327 просмотров 208 тыс.

Termite swarmers are termites that are designated to fly away from the colony and spread the colony to new places.

Give us a call to set up a free inspection and get the right treatment for your home. Professional termite exterminators explain what termite swarmers are and how to tell the difference between flying ants. Your ultimate guide to termite pest control covering signs of termites, termite treatment, diy drywood termite infestations are commonly initiated by swarmers or alates that locate wood crevices. Termites are a serious pest, and they can cause expensive damage to your home.

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