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Download Timbor Termite Treatment
. Timbor is an insecticide, fungicide and wood preservative for the protection and treatment of lumber against fungal decay and wood destroying insects (including termites, beetles, and carpenter ants). When injected directly into termite galleries, it kills termites and their eggs on contact.

Drywood Termite Spot Treat Kit
Drywood Termite Spot Treat Kit from

As far as treating with timbor/boracare, either one is a good supplement to the soil treatment. Orange oil and termite treatments: Eliminate termites yourself with termite chemical treatments such as insecticides, soil treatment chemicals, and advice from experienced professionals.

In arizona, termites can cause billions of dollars worth of damage per year, more than fires.

2 is borax treatment safe and environmentally friendly? Do you think if enhaled timbor or premise is dangerous for kids. Timbor utilizes a high concentration of boron in the form of disodium octaborate tetrahydrate, therefore acting as a form of wood preservative. Termite treatments for the home.

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