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Download Local Termite Inspectors
. Become an apprentice to a professional termite inspector. Enter a zip code below to view local branches.

Irvine Termite Company Termite Pest Control
Irvine Termite Company Termite Pest Control from

While some extermination companies will only do inspections for existing owners, you can hire a professional, licensed termite inspector to. A termite inspection allows for early detection of termite activity. However, getting rid of them does not have to eat away your money.

A termite inspector may be able to tap a wood beam and detect a low or flat sound that indicates that the wood is somewhat hollower on the

What does a termite inspector look for? Colony home inspections provides termite inspections to homeowners, buyers, and real estate with over 10 years of experience, we are your top rated localĀ® home inspectors that you can rely. Certified termite inspectors can point out areas that attract termites and recommend treatments. Most inspectors will ask if you want to schedule a termite inspection at the same time as the general and.

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